We provide cost effective and diligent testing, inspection, and maintenance in the greater Brisbane area. Building Owners and Occupiers in Queensland, have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in that building in the event of a fire or other emergency. As a QBCC licensed contractor We can assist you in meeting your obligations by maintained your fire extinguishers, hose reels, Emergency and Exit Lights and fire blankets in compliance with AS 1851.

Fire Extinguishers

AS1851, states that test and refill services should occur at the following intervals:

  • Tested and Inspected every 6 months.
  • Pressure testing and refills every 5 years.
  • Records of the tests and their dates should be kept on the metal tag.
Emergency and Exit Lights

AS/NZS 2293.2 states, “that the emergency lighting installation be tested at six-monthly intervals by a discharge test to see that the fittings operate for the required duration of not less than 90 minutes.”

Hose Reels and Fire Blankets

As defined in the AS1851, the reels must be tested once every six months in terms of signage, accessibility, clarity of operating instructions, damage, testing parts, flow, leakage and the record label. Each year checks must be conducted on anchor points, hose guide and fittings.

The BA Saver Life Fire Training Cover

The BA Saver covers the entire SCBA assembly and greatly reduces the accumulative contamination during live fire training. This greatly assists in post training cleaning and minimises the potential of cross contamination.  More information.

Cylinder Saver and Helmet Saver

The Cylinder Saver and Helmet Saver is a cheap and effective way of reducing damage and accumulated exposure to toxic combustion products. The covers are easily removed at the completion of training and can then be laundered. More Information

Swift Water Rescue Throwbag

Manufactured from high visibility Cordura®, these highly durable Rescue Throw Bags can be produced in a variety of colours and customised to suit your application. We specialise in producing the product that best fits your organisation’s needs. More information



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