Fire PPE Protective Covers


Durable and easy to launder. Our protective covers are made rom time tested Proban® fabric that has delivered proven thermal protection.

BA Saver
Full protection for SCBA

The BA Saver

Live Fire Training Equipment Protection

The BA Saver covers the entire SCBA assembly and greatly reduces the contamination during live fire training. These contaminants are collected on the BA Saver and easily removed through a normal laundry process. This significantly reduces accumulated contamination of the SCBA which reduces maintenance cost and extends service life.

Helmet Saver

Helmet Saver

Helmets are exposed to the highest temperature layer and radiant heat. This makes them very prone to absorbing and embedding the toxic byproducts of combustion. Our covers are designed for easy fitting to a wide range of helmets. The covers not only protect from radiant heat but protect from permanent discoloration and contamination. Simply remove after training and launder.

Cylinder Saver

Protect the Cylinder and Keep Clean
The Cylinder Saver is a cheap and effective way of reducing damage and accumulated exposure to toxic combustion products. The contaminants are deposited on the Cylinder Saver fabric. These are removed and the completion of training and then laundered. The cylinders can then be safely handled during all stages of recommissioning.

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