Fire Protection Equipment Maintenance

Fire Protection Equipment Maintenance

Fire Protection Equipment Maintenance

Fire Equipment Maintenance

Aus-Rescue provides fire equipment maintenance for South East Queensland. Our fully licensed staff have over 50 years in the fire service industry and are able to provide you with service and advice that will enable you to get on with your business without the worry of maintaining the building’s fire safety features.

We provide high quality service with value for your money!

In the state of Queensland, the Queensland Development Code MP 6.1 sets out maintenance standards for prescribed fire safety installations. Prescribed fire safety installations are required to safeguard occupants while evacuating during a fire and to provide facilities for occupants and fire services to undertake fire-fighting operations. If your building has any prescribed  fire safety installations you must comply with the code.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire extinguishers (portable)
Fire hose reels
Fire hydrants (including hydrant boosters)
Fire mains

Occupant Safety Features

Emergency lighting

Fire Protection Equipment Maintenance
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